Adlignum AB

Jenny Jakobsson, Hållbarhetsstrateg


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Tailored fashion. Please contact: Sofia Ganslandt, Sweden or Queen Ododo, Nigeria or turn directly to the retailer @Afriduka.

Retailer in Sweden:  AfriDuka, Mariefred


Annika Hall AB


Annika Hall is an expert in Family Business governance and succession. She facilitate generational transition. She holds a Ph D and has authored and co-authoured numerous academic articles and books. She is involved in SWCorporation family business research in Nigeria.

To get more information about the research or how Annika can add value, please contact Jenny Jakobsson.


Cultured Teak

Teak, custom made products for kitchen and decor. Please contact Jenny Jakobsson, Sweden or Yahaya Yunana, Nigeria.


Ghana Sweden Chamber of Commerce

Pearl Delali Dorledzi, Investment & Customer Relations, Co-founder
Isaac Vanderpuije, Co-Founder, Sweden-Ghana

For more information contact Nils Lindh, SWCorporation.


Glory Ojali

Partner for Administrative Services and book keeping. Please contact Sofia Ganslandt, Sweden or Glory Ojali, Nigeria.


Green Business Team

Water purification. 
Do you see a need for safe drinking water? Wish to reduce the use of bottled water?

For collaboration and contact: Jenny Jakobsson and Sofia Ganslandt.



I Choose Life - Africa

With I choose Life, Kenya, Sustainable World Corporation creates business development initiatives, leadership training and hosts Learning Visits to Sweden and Kenya suitable for professionals from private and public sector.

Contacts: Mike Mutungi, Nils Lindh, Jenny Jakobsson

Itzinya Start-up Academy

If entrepreneurship is in me, it’s in ya!  Itzinya offer concepts for structured programs for start up and growth.

Contact: Manpan Wungak, Nigeria or Håkan Sandberg, Sweden

Mentors and Business Coaches International MBCI

Mentoring and coaching for growth of existing companies.

Facilitative leadership development (FLD) -Roadmap and tools for development. 

For information please contact: Nils Lindh, Sweden or Manpan Wungak, Nigeria. Peter Kangamba, Zambia or Jenny Jacobsson, Sweden.


Naventure Nordic AB

Naventure provide investment opportunities to African companies, recommended by the network.

NEW OPPORTUNITY to build a strong base for change and growth in 2019:

To get in contact: Nils Lindh


Prowess Leadership Institute

Prowess offer programs designed for those in leadership aspiring to be lead purpose driven organizations. The founder and CEO is Charles White, who is also co-founder of the Swedish Winter Challenge.

To know more about how Prowess can add value, please contact: Jenny Jakobsson

Charles White



Sweratel is a Swedish company that focuses on new technology to develop innovative IP(core) products and systems for real-time communication and infrastructure solutions. They are highly innovative and competetive.

How can Sweratel offer solutions for high speed internet solutions in your contect? Contact Jenny Jakobsson to find out.


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