Who we are

Sustainable World Corporation - Nigeria
SWC Nigeria Ltd


Workshop - with Annika Hall.

Field trip.

What we do

We are growing a holistic entrepreneurial business culture with partners and hubs. We work inside out. Building the business platform and culture that allows trust, human and economic growth respecting the planet's recources. 

Our aim is to develop sustainable growth through win-win business development with our colleagues in the Swedish and African Hubs - and beyond! Exchange, exposure, close collaboration, partnerships and joint ventures are the means.

Business development. 

Entrepreneurship development.

Running the Itzinya Academy in Abuja - a city based program to equip entrepreneurs, by Håkan Sandberg.

Partnering in and hosting a research program with Annica Hall and Jenny Jakobsson on family held businesses. 

Arranging yearly business fairs.

Developers of Sustainable Word Corporation Nigeria, Ltd. 

Cultured teak - Mr Adamo, CEO for an enterprice producing cultured teak accompanied by mr Yahaya Yunana SWC Nigeria Ltd.

Young entrepreneur in the food processing industry, producer of date sugar. Participant in the Izinya Academy.


Yila Umaru and Yahaya Yunana co-founders SWC Nigeria Ltd. Glory Ojali, partner, administration.

Manpan Wungak, co-founder SWC Nigeria Ltd.

Queen and Jonathan Ododo, co-founders SWC Nigeria Ltd.

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